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In order to access this site you must be affiliated with one of the Institutions listed. When you register, an e-mail will be sent to the appropriate official at your Institution for verification. Once verified, you will be given a login ID and password. All individuals and institutions must agree to the Terms and Conditions for access to the resources available through the library. Click here for a list of institutions that are currently supported.

The document below details the general terms and conditions for use of the digital library resources. Please read it carefully before completing the online application form. Breaches of these and/or the publishers' license terms could result in the permanent loss of access to all electronic information resources available and formal action by the IVSL managing body. In addition to the below, each individual publisher has their own set of terms and conditions for use. This summary does not replace any part of the legal documentation supplied by participating publishers whose individual licenses must be read and agreed to either in writing or online.

Prohibited activities

Downloading and copying entire issues or volumes of any journal; Reselling downloaded journal content, including but not limited to, providing a fee-for-copying service; Altering, obscuring or removing copyright and other proprietary notices which appear as part of the journal service or appear alongside journal content; Attempting to upload malicious materials to the server or publishers or to interfere with the operation of the service, including 'hacking,' inserting malicious codes such as viruses or worms, crashing the system, and the like.

Examples of misuse

Downloading full text articles and emailing them to friends outside the institution Emailing copies of downloaded articles to people outside Iraq. Allowing people from commercial companies using library facilities to access resources Downloading or printing out entire electronic journals and making copies Including large parts of articles to be reproduced in student workbook material Allowing unauthorized (unregistered) persons to use your ID and password Any attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the service User-names and passwords are issued only to individuals at participating institutions. Eligibility is determined by a designated administrator at each institution. User-names and passwords must be kept secure and not shared with other users. Passwords must be changed every 120 days in order to maintain the security of the system. In order to ensure the continuity of the program, it is vital to ensure that there are no violations of the license agreements that will be completed by participating institutions and publishers. Publishers are constantly monitoring the use of their databases, and violations of terms for usage and illegal activity can be easily detected. For this reason the heads/senior managers of applicant institutions will be required to complete an institutional agreement with the HEC, confirming their compliance with the Terms and Conditions of license agreements.


Copyright law exists to protect the intellectual standing and the economic rights of creators and publishers of all literary, dramatic, artistic, musical, audio-visual and electronic works. Electronic materials are copyrighted in the same manner as print materials.

Agreements and license

All electronic resources will be subject to some license or access agreement Each resource or package will have a specific agreement Specific contractual agreements should be available from each supplier/publisher Copyright and terms of use are often included online Web links on copyright laws Guidelines for Fair Dealing in an Electronic Environment


  • The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Iraq Virtual Science Library - IVSL service.

    The ministry is currently negotiating with a number of leading scientific publishers to include their content into IVSL.

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